Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kersey Valley Zip Line

We are adding a all new NC zip line attraction that will be year round Kersey Valley Zip Line. The many weeks of design and planning for one of the largest zipline tours in the Mid Atlantic has finally started construction. The tour will take you across 15 Sky Towers and 1.5 miles of zip line cable. We will have this open as a side attraction during Spookywoods at night. The flight path will take you high above the corn maze and through our laser light effects. This will be a first of its kind for the haunt industry to be able to fly through a haunted attraction. Reservations are required for this very limited Halloween Zip Line, so get your tickets early by calling 336-431-1700.

You can't miss the massive Launch Tower that will be in the midway reaching a height of over 60 feet. The Morbid Curiosity side attraction has now be replaced as our new Flight School for the zip line training. This will be a total sensory experience itself to make training not only fun but add value to the experience of the zip line tour.

We are shooting for opening this all new North Carolina zip line September 4th along with the Maize Adventure corn maze. We hope to see you here soon, come fly with us!


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