Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kersey Valley Christmas - Opens!

Before we even finished packing away Spookywoods we opened Kersey Valley Christmas! The hard work and determination looks to have paid off, we opened to a record breaking first night!

What a difference from a year ago we were bored on opening night in 2008, but not this year. We were so busy none of the staff had time to even use the bathroom or eat dinner!

I owe a huge thanks to all that helped turn our Farm from Scary to Merry in such a short time frame. I have an amazing crew of dedicated people that make our company successful. Thanks to my wife Donna, Thom Rover, Tony Forest, Kevin Burger, Steve Lee, Irene Wohlgemuth, Kathy Justice, Darrel Justice, Donnie Willard, David Hughes, Nathan Boyd, Alan and Seth. The light show is amazing due to Kale Hamel that has been flying in from Kansas each year to program the lights to music for hours on end! Occasions Floral with the fastest ever decorating team that turned Santa's workshop into an amazing place to hang out and build a wreath and see Santa!