Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kersey Valley Christmas

We started a new event on our farm in 2008 for Christmas. Little did we know the the economy would go into a nose dive just as we were trying to start a new business venture. Our main focus was to sell Christmas trees and we got caught holding a huge inventory of trees due to low sales. The silver lining in that story was we gave away close to 600 Premium Fraser Fir trees to anyone that wanted one. That landed us as a featured story on every local TV news channel and local papers. The value of this news coverage was priceless and we hope people remember us this season. This year we have redesigned our business plan and tree sales is not the focus. We will have a stock of only several hundred instead of thousands of trees this time around.

Our new focus is to market to church youth groups our Christmas Story Hayride. We will also have our animated 35ft tall fire breathing Christmas Tree with 60,000 led lights themed to music as a feature. We will be taking reservations online at this November, so spread the word for us!


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