Friday, June 20, 2008

Chilling Magic comes to Spookywoods

New for 2008, Spookywoods Presents The Chilling Magic of Jonathan Frost.

In this unique show Jonathan will read minds, risk his own life, and bridge the gap between the living and the dead. Jonathan has been performing for over a decade. His magic has been featured at some of the worlds scariest attractions. Chilling magic is an intense theatrical experience not for the faint of heart. Will you be able to handle the mystery and suspense?

Reservation tickets will be available online and by phone starting in September.

Ghost Hunters Return to Spookywoods

Below is the report from the Ghost Hunting Team that was researching the grounds again this past weekend.

We had people investigate towards the field where the old truck prop is & in the house as usual. I don't think that everyone has reviewed all of their recordings or photos yet, but we do have some interesting stuff that has been found so far.

We have 2 possible evp's that were caught out near the truck. One sounds like a drum beating followed shortly by what sounds like a woman humming a tune. The other one has been reviewed & sounds like a chant in another language which has been noted as sounding like an indian chant by several different people. Several members experienced seeing black shadows in the woods & footsteps that were not anyone in the group.

We had a psychic/medium come out early while it was still daylight. He was not told anything about this location & was unaware that it even existed. Upon arrival as he was walking up to the house, he said there is something definitely haunting the house. We took him upstairs to see what he felt. He started with telling us that as he was coming up the stairs he heard music. We asked what kind of music & he said kind of like bluegrass. As we kept trying to pry him for information, we kept asking him to be more specific & finally he said a fiddle. He told us what area that he passed away in which is usually the area we have the most activity from upstairs. He also mentioned that he felt like the spirit was the type to like to throw objects. If you could remember on our first visit, we had 3 objects thrown at us, a tube of makeup, a clothespin & a necklace.

This of course was amazing to hear from someone who had never heard the stories or even heard of the Spookywoods attraction. He believes that he is the only spirit in the house, but he does travel from upstairs to downstairs. He felt the presence of a farmer out in the field area, which he says likes to travel the whole grounds outside. Several members actually felt his energy as he seemed to be s tanding in one spot posing. He also mentioned that years ago, in the area where the evp's were caught, there used to be a witch's coven that used to practice rituals on the property. He did pick up on the indian aspect of the land as well. He said it was more towards where the creekbed lies on the backside of the fields/woods.

Once again, I think it is safe to say that you guys have a haunting, but it is definitely nothing to worry about. It seems to be playful like it wants to let you know that it is there from time to time. Some of it is what we call residual where it justs keeps repeating the same pattern over & over again no matter what is going on around it.

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