Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Night Open 2008

Spookywoods finally was able to open for the 2008 season on Saturday September 27th.

Since the tropical storm delayed our team from getting the haunted corn field ready with all the pnematic scares and some other sets to their final stage I decided to not validate the bar codes on all the tickets sold for this night and I allowed all the customers that came this first night to go through as many times as they wanted until midnight.

For the first night oepn the attendance was up and the new Ghost Town Midway shops did well. As I expected once we had a well designed retail area for the T-Shirts the sales would increase and the first night was a positive indicator that we will sell tons of T-Shirts by Halloween. The Last Ride Simulator also did well once people understood what it was. Jonathan Frost's Chilling Magic Show was also well received and will surely sell out as the crowds increase in October.

By the time we open back up on Thursday next week the haunted corn field and the rest of the show will be 100% ready to go.


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