Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't be a Ghoul and Stay in School Promotion

Spookywoods would like to award excellence in education by offering any student in High School to bring their most recent progress report showing straight A's or perfect attendance and we will honor you with a free General Admission to Spookywoods and a Chilling Magic Ticket on any Thursday night we are open! A $32.00 Value!!

Rules of the promotion:

1. You must bring your original report card, not a copy.

2. We will stamp your report card with our Spookywoods Stamp and only honor one ticket per report card.

3. We ask that you please spread the word at your school about this promotion to faculty and students.

4. Raise money for your school option: Have your school print out flyers to spread the word about Spookywoods Don't Be a Ghoul Stay in School Promotion and every person that purchases as ticket and turns in that coupon we will donate $1.00 to your school.

Happy Halloween !

Contact for more information:
Tony Wohlgemuth, President
Kersey Valley, Inc.
336-431-1700 Ext. 210


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