Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another Record Breaking Year - 2007

The 2007 season was incredible to say the least! The local news coverage and the national press we got this year was amazing. We had so many customers from out of state we had to post directions from the airport.

The staff was wonderfull, the only problem was we needed more relief actors since we were open for two more hours on the busy nights due to the increase in bussiness than we planned on. The timed tickets for 15 minute Reservations was a great success, in fact we sold out the last two Saturday's before Halloween. For 2008 I plan on making the General Admission a timed 1 hour ticket, this will make Spookywoods a 100% timed ticket attraction.

We are already designing the 2008 show to handle a constant flow of people without gaps in the groups. This will require some redesign of the mazes in Spookywoods, but I'm confident this is the answer to the problem with long waits in line. The timed ticketing along with a constant flow of guest through the attraction will allow us to continue to grow our attraction to handle the thousands of people that want to see Spookywoods nightly.

Thanks to all the Loyal Spookywoods Fans that came to see us from far and wide!