Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Fight Against Mother Nature

The maze was the best looking corn our desinger from Idaho had seen in the entire country back on July 30th. Only 4 weeks later and the lack of rain for over a month has taken its toll on the corn. We are now irrigating the corn with the help from several local famers and we also have purchased thousands of dollars worth of equipment to get water on the corn. Since Highway 311 bypass is under contruction just outside our farm, they had to drain the lake we could have used for irrigation. With the lake gone for up to 3 years while the road is being built we have had to truck in water by the tanker load. I want to thank Davis Water service for their generous lending of a 9,000 gallon tanker truck to use as storage. They are trucking in 13,000 gallons per day for us to irrigate on a nightly basis. This is a very expensive solution, but we are doing all we can to save the maze. The local farmers told me they have not seen a drought this bad since 1966!

Mother nature is hard to beat, but the crew at Kersey Valley is very determined to give her one hell of a fight!


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