Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Build Crew Addition - Nate Mitchel

Nate Mitchell, the owner of Night Mare on 901 in SC decided to no longer run his haunted attraction after many years due to the increase in attendance he could not remain at the current location. Nate decided to come work for Spookywoods and bring all his amazing talent and knowlege to our build crew. Nate has been put in charge of all our set drawings the build crew uses to create the new sets, those are amazing by the way. He also has been put in charge of the small farm house as his personal project to design and build out. The house which is the start to Spookywoods is based off the movie SAW.

You will be blown away at the level of detail he has desinged into this house! Prepare to be very impressed and I have to say this tops anything we have every done in the house in 22 years.

Simply put, Spookywoods continues to be NC's Ultimate Haunted Attraction!


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