Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SHEETZ becomes major sponsor

Welcome the Sheetz family in becoming the major sponsor of Kersey Valley Laser Tag! When you visit your local Sheetz store and order a MTO item you will receive a discount to come out and play laser tag at your next birthday party or just a group of friends.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Kersey Valley Announces New Attraction

Breaking News! Kersey Valley is announcing a new attraction, Kersey Valley Laser Tag this fall. Spookywoods will highlight this amazing technology with a Zombie Hunt through our Military Base Camp. We are building arenas like our Urban setting with massive fire explosions and a military base camp and deep wooded playing areas with lots of places to hide.

This Year Fear Fights Back at Spookywoods as every customer get a laser gun to fight off the military Zombies!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Major Facility Upgrade for 2011!

Say good bye to Port a Potties at Kersey Valley! It's been a long time coming to build up enough capital to invest in a state of the art modern bathroom facility. We also built a full Kitchen at the same time. We went all out and built bathrooms that are lined with cedar and have all touch less technology and even custom audio. Check out the build photos of TumbleWeeds that started the first of the year.

Construction Photos

Women beware, the bathrooms have a great scare waiting for you during Spookywoods!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Zip Line Site Launched

Jon Walker continues to amaze me with his incredible talent in web design. He merged all our ideas into a beautiful web design that captures the vision of what Kersey Valley Zip Line is all about. Check out our new website for yourself and explore the many pages of information on Kersey Valley Zip Line and Segway (PT) X2 tours.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kersey Valley Portal Site Announced

We just released a new website KerseyValley.com that is the portal that directs fans to our official web sites to each of our attractions.

The next time someone asks you where was that place with all those fun events, just direct them to KerseyValley.com for all the various events we produce.

Say Cheese!!

For years we have had many requests for photos of our creatures in line at our haunted attraction and lately on the new zip line tour.

Our loyal customers will be excited to hear this year you will get a FREE photo to download from our website when you attend any of our events. This high tech system is really amazing, just after the ticket booth you will get an opportunity to pose with one of our creatures at Spookywooods and receive a card with how to download your photo and post to your favorite social networking site. We will also have the option to purchase a 5x7 of your photo on site before you leave.

Whether you choose to fly on Kersey Valley Zip Line or take our new Segway Off Road Tour you will be photographed and have the opportunity to buy a 5x7 on site or download a FREE copy from our website to share with your your friends.

This service will be sponsored by a national corporate sponsor. We are very excited to offer this added value to all our Kersey Valley fans.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kersey Valley Segway Tours!

Our events just keep getting bigger and better folks! When I took my first zip line tour in Belize in 2005 I also was introduced to Segways. I fell in love with both events and dreamed of one day offering such amazing attractions back home in High Point NC. We were able to bring the zip line dream to life in the fall of 2010 and we are about to open one of the only off road Authorized Segway Tours in the country.

We will have a fleet of X2 Segways that are designed to take you off road over the hills and through the woods. We are excited to offer this amazing experience to all our loyal fans. We will be having a Segway Test Drive area during Spookywoods and Maize Adventure to give you a 20 minute test drive. The real fun happens when you take the off road tour for a 1.5 hour experience with a guide over our 55 acre farm.

Now if your too scared to fly on the zip line you can stay grounded and follow the zip line path on our Segway Tour.

We will be opening up for tours in March 2011 after we get our guides and staff certified by Segway.

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